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More Categories for the Adjectives Starting with D

The section for the Shortest/Longest Adjectives contains adjectives with the least and the most number of letters, while the Interesting Adjectives category presents adjectives that can add flair to your speech or writing. The lists of Positive Adjectives contain descriptive words for the desirable qualities of a person, event, or place, while the Negative Adjectives lists consist of those which describe the undesirable characteristics of a person, event, or place.

For the Heroic Adjectives category, the descriptive words included are simply those which describe a hero or a heroine or their deeds. Moreover, the next category which is the Sporty Adjectives is composed of words which modifies a person who participates in sports or other physical activities. Lastly, the Romantic Adjectives list includes adjectives that are commonly used to express romantic love or to describe a loved one.

Aside from enumerating adjectives, this article also provides the meaning of each adjective and an example on how the word is used.


Interesting Adjectives

daffy:silly; mildly eccentric.

–      daffy anecdotes

doltish: heavy and dull and stupid

–      doltish character

draconian: of or relating to Draco or his harsh code of laws

–      Draconian measures

dubious: fraught with uncertainty or doubt

–      dubious compliment

dulcet: pleasing to the ear

–          the dulcet tones of the cello


Positive Adjectives to Describe a Person

dependable: worthy of reliance or trust

–          dependable worker

desirable: worth having or seeking or achieving

–      a desirable suitor

devoted: dedicated exclusively to a purpose or use

–      devoted to poetry

devout: deeply religious

–      devout Christian

docile: willing to be taught or led or supervised or directed

–      docile student


Positive Adjectives to Describe an Event

diplomatic: using or marked by tact in dealing with sensitive matters or people

–          diplomatic affairs

diverse: many and different

–      diverse treatment methods

dramatic: suitable to or characteristic of drama

–          dramatic entrance

dramaturgical: relating to the technical aspects of drama

–      dramaturgical scene

dreamlike: resembling a dream

–      dreamlike experience


Positive Adjectives to Describe a Place

delightful: greatly pleasing or entertaining

–      delightful casino

deluxe: elegant and sumptuous; ostentatiously rich and superior in

–      deluxe hotel room

democratic: representing or appealing to or adapted for the benefit of the people at large

–      democratic country

developed: advanced economically and socially; : being changed over time so as to be e.g. stronger or more complete

–          developed city

domestic: of or relating to the running of a home or to family relations; existing or occurring inside a particular country; not foreign or international

–          domestic town


Negative Adjectives to Describe a Person

deceitful: marked by deliberate deceptiveness especially by pretending one set of feelings and acting under the influence of another

–          she was a deceitful scheming little thing

disruptive: characterized by unrest or disorder or insubordination

–          disruptive behavior

dogmatic: characterized by assertion of unproved or unprovable principles

–          dogmatic old man

domineering: assert one’s will over another in an arrogant way.

–          domineering wife

dumb: unable to speak, most typically because of congenital deafness; stupid

–          dumb child


Negative Adjectives to Describe an Event

destructive: causing destruction or much damage

–          destructive interference

distressing: bad; unfortunate

–          distressing life events

dreadful: extremely disagreeable and unpleasant; causing fear or dread or terror

–      dreadful storm

dreary: dull, bleak, and lifeless; depressing

–          dreary outcome

dull: lacking interest or excitement

–          dull house party



Negative Adjectives to Describe a Place

dank: unpleasantly cool and humid

–          dank prison cell

disgusting: highly offensive; arousing aversion or disgust

–      disgusting man-made canal

disorderly: lacking organization; untidy

–      disorderly room

drafty: cold and uncomfortable because of currents of cool air

–          drafty old cabin

dusty: covered with, full of, or resembling dust.

–      dusty library


Heroic Adjectives

dauntless: invulnerable to fear or intimidation

–          dauntless explorers

debonair: having a cheerful, lively, and self-confident air

–          debonair gentleman

decisive: having or showing the ability to make decisions quickly and effectively.

–          a decisive blow

determined: strongly motivated to succeed

–          determined to save her

dogged: stubbornly unyielding

–          dogged persistence


Sporty Adjectives

deft: skillful in physical movements; especially of the hands

–          deft tennis player

deserving: worthy of being treated in a particular way

–          deserving of the title

dextrous: possessing or done with dexterity

–      dextrous team captain

distinguished: used of a person’s appearance or behavior; befitting an eminent person

–          distinguished athlete

dynamic: characterized by constant change, activity, or progress

–          dynamic basketball team


Romantic Adjectives

dainty: delicately beautiful

–      dainty apperance

dandyish: affecting extreme elegance in dress and manner

–      dandyish teenager

darling: beloved

–      darling wife

dashing: attractive in a romantic, adventurous way.

–      dashing beauty

dazzling: shining intensely

–          dazzling night gown

Shortest Adjectives

dim: lacking in light

–          dim light

dry:free from moisture or liquid; not wet or moist.

–          dry eye

dud: failing to detonate; especially not charged with an active explosive

–          dud mine

due: owed and payable immediately or on demand

–          payment is due

dun: of a dull greyish brown to brownish grey color

–          dun and dreary prairie

daft: informal or slang terms for mentally irregular

–          daft husband

damn: expletives used informally as intensifiers

–          turn that damn thing off!

damp: slightly wet

–          damp clot

dank: unpleasantly cool and humid

–          dank cellar

dark: with little or no light

–          it’s too dark to see much


Longest Adjectives

deconstructionist: of or concerned with the philosophical theory of literature known as deconstructionism
deconstructionist principles

dedifferentiated: having experienced or undergone dedifferentiation or the loss of specialization in form or function

–          the most severely dedifferentiated of all schizophrenic patients

disproportionate: not proportionate

–          disproportionate shares

decompositional: causing organic decay

–          decompositional reactions

disadvantageous: involving or creating circumstances detrimental to success or effectiveness

–          disadvantageous outcome

discombobulated: having self-possession upset; thrown into confusion

–          the hecklers pelted the discombobulated speaker

disenfranchised: deprived of the rights of citizenship especially the right to vote

–          disenfrenchised masses took to the streets

disproportional: out of proportion

–          disproportional elements

dissatisfactory: not up to expectations

–          dissatisfactory performance

distinguishable: capable of being perceived as different or distinct

–          a project distinguishable into four stages


This article can serve as a reference if you are at a loss for adjectives that can best describe a specific person, place, thing or event. Through these lists, you will learn about new word options and enhance your vocabulary.

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