Adjective Definition


1.Definition: conforming in every respect

"The like period of the preceding year"

Related Adjective(s):comparable, corresponding

2.Definition: equal in amount or value

"Like amounts", "Gave one six blows and the other a like number"

Related Adjective(s):same

3.Definition: having the same or similar characteristics

"All politicians are alike", "They looked utterly alike", "Friends are generally alike in background and taste"

Related Adjective(s):alike, similar

4.Definition: resembling or similar; having the same or some of the same characteristics; often used in combination

"Suits of like design", "A limited circle of like minds", "Members of the cat family have like dispositions", "As like as two peas in a pod", "Doglike devotion", "A dreamlike quality"

Related Adjective(s):similar

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