Adjective Definition


1.Definition: (used of things) lacking sense or awareness

"Fine innocent weather"

2.Definition: completely wanting or lacking

"Innocent of literary merit"

Related Adjective(s):barren, destitute, devoid, free

3.Definition: free from evil or guilt

"An innocent child", "The principle that one is innocent until proved guilty"

Related Adjective(s):guiltless

4.Definition: free from sin

Related Adjective(s):impeccant, sinless

5.Definition: lacking in sophistication or worldliness

"A child's innocent stare"

Related Adjective(s):ingenuous

6.Definition: lacking intent or capacity to injure

"An innocent prank"

Related Adjective(s):innocuous

7.Definition: not knowledgeable about something specified

"American tourists wholly innocent of French"

Related Adjective(s):unacquainted

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