Adjective Definition


1.Definition: lacking a sense of restraint or responsibility

"Idle talk"

Related Adjective(s):loose

2.Definition: not having a job

"Idle carpenters"

Related Adjective(s):jobless

3.Definition: not in action or at work

"An idle laborer", "Idle drifters", "The idle rich", "An idle mind"

4.Definition: not in active use

"The machinery sat idle during the strike", "Idle hands"

Related Adjective(s):unused

5.Definition: not yielding a return

"Idle funds"

Related Adjective(s):dead

6.Definition: silly or trivial

"Idle pleasure", "Light idle chatter"

Related Adjective(s):light

7.Definition: without a basis in reason or fact

"Idle fears"

Related Adjective(s):baseless, groundless, unfounded, unwarranted, wild

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