Adjective Definition


1.Definition: (of business) not active or brisk

"Business is dull (or slow)"

Related Adjective(s):dull, sluggish

2.Definition: (used of timepieces) indicating a time earlier than the correct time

"The clock is slow"

3.Definition: at a slow tempo

"The band played a slow waltz"

4.Definition: not moving quickly; taking a comparatively long time

"A slow walker", "The slow lane of traffic", "Her steps were slow", "He was slow in reacting to the news", "Slow but steady growth"

5.Definition: slow to learn or understand; lacking intellectual acuity

"Worked with the slow students"

Related Adjective(s):dense, dim, dull, dumb, obtuse

6.Definition: so lacking in interest as to cause mental weariness

Related Adjective(s):boring, deadening, dull, irksome, tedious, tiresome, wearisome

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