Adjective Definition


1.Definition: being level or straight or regular and without variation as e.g. in shape or texture; or being in the same plane or at the same height as something else (i.e. even with)

"An even application of varnish", "An even floor", "The road was not very even", "The picture is even with the window"

2.Definition: divisible by two

3.Definition: equal in degree or extent or amount; or equally matched or balanced

"Even amounts of butter and sugar", "On even terms", "It was a fifty-fifty (or even) split", "Had a fifty-fifty (or even) chance", "An even fight"

4.Definition: occurring at fixed intervals

"The even rhythm of his breathing"

Related Adjective(s):regular

5.Definition: of the score in a contest

Related Adjective(s):level, tied

6.Definition: symmetrically arranged

"Even features"

Related Adjective(s):regular

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