Adjectives for Resumes

We often think of stories and descriptive essays when we hear the word adjectives, but adjectives are also useful in the professional environment. Adjectives can help a professional make a positive impression on prospective employers. Resumes are more effective with the right adjectives. You can choose adjectives to suit the field or department you desire to enter.

Adjectives for Management

The field of management requires a number of specific skills. These include the ability to multi-task, think creatively, and the ability to lead and command respect as well as manage time. There are certain adjectives that are aligned with these skills. Some of them are explored below.

  • Decisive: possessing the ability to make the right decisions quickly.
  1. I have a proven track record for being decisive; it allows me to make sound decisions quickly.
  • Disciplined: having the ability to exercise control over (or ignore) factors that may act as distractions from the task at hand.
  1. I am disciplined and as such I approach all tasks with one objective in mind- to get the job done impressively.
  • Organized: having things (and thoughts) sorted and categorized in such a way that they are easy to find and identify.
  1. The fact that I am very organized allows me to supervise my team, while ensuring that my other responsibilities are taken care of.
  • Proactive: the ability to plan ahead and implement plans for future eventualities.
  1. I take a proactive approach to planning and management strategies in order to ensure that any department or entity that I supervise runs

Adjectives for Finance

Careers in finance can be demanding. Professionals in this field must pay attention to details, methods, and above all, they must be worthy of trust. For those who wish to enter this field, the adjectives below may help to boost their resumes:

  1. I am trustworthy enough to be assigned the most delicate and intricate types of tasks/accounts.
  1. My financial practices and methods are honest, garnering for any entity with which I am associated, the trust and loyalty of existing and new clients.
  • Thorough: having a complete and detailed method of dealing with tasks.
  1. My thorough approach to financial tasks and policies makes me an effective agent, who is able to ensure that the accounts under my control are accurately maintained.

Adjectives for Sales

Professionals who operate in the field of sales need to possess certain characteristics and competencies. The success of these professionals is measured by the money they earn for their companies by getting and maintaining clients. The adjectives below may be use in the resumes of professionals in this field.

  • Flexible: possessing the ability to adjust to suit the requirements of the environment.
  1. My flexible availability for work allows me to work during non-conventional work hours, which by extension will lead to improved sales figures.
  • Dynamic: capable of multiple creative ideas and behaviors of varying categories.
  1. As a dynamic sales executive, I was able to introduce innovative and successful sales generating promotions.
  2. I am a dynamic sales expert who possesses the creativity needed to conceptualize and implement innovative strategies for improving sales figures.
  • Determined: having a drive to keep working until success is achieved.
  1. I apply a determined, proactive approach to all tasks in order to ensure that customers’ needs are met or exceeded.

Adjectives for Technology

The field of technology is a rapidly changing one. It is also an area that has an impact on several other aspects of life. This is why the field demands that its professionals be on the ball, creative, and current with their knowledge base and training. Below are some adjectives that help to make the resumes of these professionals more impressive.

  • Efficient: quick at carrying out a particular task or range of tasks.
  1. I make it a priority to remain abreast of changes in the industry and as a result, I am efficient at developing the latest innovations in the field of technology.
  • Meticulous: detailed in terms of one’s approach to activities.
  1. My projects are completed with meticulous attention to detail and this helps to optimize customer satisfaction.
  • Complex: Challenging to understand or resolve especially without the advantage of expertise.
  1. My tertiary level training and experience has equipped me to handle even the most complex technical issues in the field.
  • Proficient: adept or very good at something. This word is used to describe someone who has expert level knowledge or training in a field.
  1. I am certified and proficient in the use of modern methodology for the maintenance and repair of computerized equipment.

Adjectives for Customer Service

Customer service teams are often referred to as the “face of the entity” with which they are associated. It is important for these individuals to possess the level of professionalism and people skills that will make customers feel comfortable. Using these adjectives in your resume helps to show prospective employers how suitable you are for a post in this field.

  • Amicable: friendly and able to socialize well with others.
  1. My amicable personality makes me an ideal candidate for this field.
  • Patient: having the ability to endure long waits for resolutions or the desired results without becoming upset.
  1. I am patient enough to ensure that even the most difficult cases are resolved to the satisfaction of the client.
  • Pleasant: having a quality (whether by appearance or personality) that makes those around feel comfortable.
  1. I understand the importance of client comfort and as such I can ensure that clients are attracted to any space I occupy because of my inviting and pleasant
  • Sociable: the ability to comfortably interact with others in various settings.
  1. I am able to work well with a team because I am naturally very sociable. This is why I was selected to sit on or head a number of committees in my previous capacity.

Adjectives for Marketing

Marketing professionals are given the task of planning and executing projects that will result in an increased customer base for the entity. This is why these individuals must be creative, lively, and very enthused about their job. The adjectives below will help prospective employers view you as the ideal marketing expert.

  • Creative: possessing the ability to come up with new original ideas.
  1. My creative ideas for product and service promotion led to me being highlighted as marketing expert of the year at my previous place of employment.
  1. I am a dynamic individual and this translates into my approach towards marketing projects.
  1. My energetic approach to life in general has had a positive impact on my performance as a product promoter.
  • Enthusiastic: having an intense fervor, love, or excitement for something or someone.
  1. I appreciate and embrace an enthusiastic approach to marketing in order to maximize results.

Adjectives for Legal

Legal professionals are expected to be experts in their field. Their clients’ fortunes, and often, lives, depend on their performance. This is why these professionals need to be dedicated, committed, and sometimes even aggressive at times. The adjectives below will add extra appeal to the resumes used by these individuals.

  • Loyal: committed to someone or something.
  1. I am loyal to both my clients and the entity with which I am associated. This loyalty increases client confidence and the reputation of the firm with which I am associated.
  • Diligent: hard working. Possessing a drive to be thorough and successful in accomplishing goals.
  1. My diligent approach to legal research has led to several commendations from my previous post.
  • Logical: Capable of clear and thorough reasoning.
  1. My arguments are logical and targeted to my clients’ needs and best interests.
  • Persistent: possessing a drive to ensure that tasks are completed despite challenges. Refusing to give up.
  1. As a litigator I am persistent in gathering the necessary information to support my clients’ cases.

Adjectives for Manufacturing

The field of manufacturing depends heavily on two factors above all others: increasing output and ensuring that standards are met. This means that the methods and processes used to increase output and quality will always be crucial. Employers in this field look for prospective employees who can contribute significantly to the productive process. The adjectives below help to tell these employers that you are perfect for the job.

  • Methodical: strictly following the requisite steps
  1. I am trained in the methodical application of systems and processes within the manufacturing field.
  1. In my previous engagement, my industrious nature resulted in the improvement in production figures by thirty percent.
  • Productive: the ability to accomplish tasks accurately and in good time, resulting in increased output.
  1. I was able to apply my knowledge of the latest innovations and best practices in manufacturing to create a more productive system.
  • Results-driven: Used to describe someone who is thoroughly focused on achieving the targeted objective.
  1. As a results-driven team leader, I can implement practices that are strategically conceptualized in order to maximize output, while maintaining or improving quality.

Adjectives for Administrative

Administrative teams ensure that the internal and external needs of the organization are met. Those who work in this department are responsible for ensuring that things remain organized and processes run smoothly. The adjectives below help to impress prospective employers about your suitability for a job in this department.

  • Professional: adhering to the rules and principles of the profession.
  1. In order to ensure that I meet and exceed expectations, I participate in several professional development seminars annually.
  1. My structured approach to administrative tasks led me to conceptualize office operations guidelines for my department.
  • Consistent: The ability to maintain a predictable set of rules or operational methods.
  1. I am consistent in the application of organizational principles.
  • Strategic: used to describe someone who has the ability to design specific plans to combat specific challenges
  1. I am proficient in using strategic planning to improve efficiency in the administrative team’s performance.

Adjectives for Engineering

Diagnosing problems and initiating steps to solve them are the chief responsibilities of engineering professionals. This is why they need to be very careful and detailed as they work. A resume for an applicant to a post in this department is more impressive when it includes adjectives such as the ones below.

  • Attentive: paying special attention to something or someone
  1. My very attentive approach to analyzing plans facilitated innovations in the field of engineering.
  • Focused: keeping one’s attention on the task at hand/ the ability to keep one’s thoughts on the present or most oppressing objective.
  1. My studies and training were focused on the execution of productive engineering plans.
  • Capable: having the ability to accomplish the task being discussed or considered.
  1. I am capable of diversifying and enhancing the engineering approaches in any entity to which I am employed.
  • Innovative: talented enough to come up with new ideas and designs.
  1. My innovative approach to my craft has led me to design a number of devices that will be of great benefit to your organization.


Your resume speaks the words that you cannot utter prior to the interview process. Together, the resume and cover letter determine whether an applicant is called for an interview or not. The right words can help to speak volumes about your capabilities and make you stand out as an applicant.

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